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Why Choose Us

E-Commerce Market Valuation

$22.1 T

Globbing Market Share


* in the country we operate

Online Shoppers in 2021

2.14 B

How Globbing Operates


Customers register on Globbing’s website


Globbing provides shipping addresses in 7 countries


Customer uses them as shipping addresses when shopping online


Globbing receives and processes the purchase


Globbing sends the purchases to the customer's country

What we ensure

We know the art of successful startups and why creating a winning brand is essential. We share one of our success tools, our brand book, which will give you detailed information on how to be a marketing-driven giant brand.

Our service centers are robotized and due to special innovative technology getting parcels takes only 20 seconds which practically means no more queues. The futuristic design of our service centers combined with warmth and friendliness of our brand character George the giraffe is so much loved, that many customers come to take photos.

We set up warehouses in foreign countries and help in operating. That actually means we are there for receiving orders, processing them and sending.

  • USA
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • China

We make ways. We provide you with logistics to the airport or the border of your country and help in setting up overall logistics as well.

Technical part is the key. That’s why we have spent more than 50,000 hours on creating, designing and remaking our highly functional and specially adapted IT software, 30,000 of which on developing a technology of robotized service centers, due to which registration of a single parcel takes a few seconds.

As a part of setting up the warehouses and inner logistics, we provide full, highly successful practical training. We believe that success comes from knowing your product in each and every detail.

Globbing Service Centers

Business Opportunity

Globbing Franchise Fee

Right to use Globbing name, market research, trainings and support



Investment before breaking even starts from


Franchise Set-Up


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Submit Franchise Application


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Franchisee Interviews


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Research and Business Plan


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Agreements and Deposit


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Discovery Day and Trainings


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